Resonant Touch Bodywork

Benefits of Resonant Touch Bodywork and
Therapeutic Massage

Imagine receiving a massage where your massage therapist tunes in to your muscular tension with a touch that completely enhances your body’s ability to release and relax deeply……maple leaves

Resonant Touch Bodywork and Massage:

  • Enhances connection to your resources for healing
  • Nourishes and recharges your nervous system
  • Renews vitality

This work may be beneficial if you are:

  • Living with chronic pain
  • Transitioning, going through life changes, grief or loss
  • Feeling anxious and don’t know why
  • Experiencing stiffness or aches and pains in your body
  • Wanting to live with more presence

Or if you are seeking:

  • A deeper connection with yourself
  • Increased feelings of peace and well being
  • Better circulation and functioning of organs