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April 2014 Newsletter:
Clear Your Emotional Clutter!

Includes a Black bean and almond soup recipe, links to resources about neurobiology and psychophysiology, Breathing meditation

August 2014 Newsletter
Be Emotionally Fit!

Includes an exercise for emotional fitness, Grilled vegetable salad with lentils, Breathing Meditation

#1 Beating Stress Before it Beats You

One area of health and well being that bears regular attention is dealing with stress. Certainly we’re reminded frequently of how stressful life can be. This letter covers some recent information that reinforces just how important reducing and handling stress is to your health and happiness.

Life today just seems to get busier and busier. It’s so easy to get swept up in all you have to do and to push yourself too hard. But how long can you ignore the effects of stress before it takes a noticeable toll on your health?... Open pdf of this newsletter to read or print.

#2 Building a Strong Immune System

Do you realize how effective massage can be towards strengthening your immune system? This letter focuses on how you can help your body defend itself against potential illness. First, take a closer look at what an amazing and vital job your immune system does for you. To read more, open a pdf of this newsletter to read or print.

#3 Massage Improves Muscle Health

Muscles make up seventy to eight-five percent of the body’s weight and are composed of long, slender fibers that are capable of three things: they can shorten, lengthen or lock into place. Your muscles’ duties include maintaining structural stability and being responsible for virtually every movement of your body, from the minute regulation of an artery to extensive movement. When they don’t function properly, you begin to experience tightness, or feel stiff, achy or sore.

Although we tend to think of a sore or strained muscle as an individual problem, all of your musculature is interconnected. To read more, open a pdf of this newsletter to read or print.

#4 Massage Helps Beat Holiday Stress

open a pdf of this newsletter

#5 Detoxification ~ Key to Good Health

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