Resonant Touch Bodywork

“I feel the pace and timing of your work is a perfect complement to my body’s ability to release and open. It is as if your hands are completely in tune with whatever level of resistance my body might be offering and your timing facilitates the best ability my body has to release and allow the natural occurrence of its healing.”
Vici Downing client 3 years
Retired Forest Service employee

“Carole’s work with me has allowed me to relax further into connection with myself, thus awakening the understanding of how I have held stress and trauma unconsciously in my body. Her gentle loving touch and clear perception have lead to my feeling light and clear when I leave her office.”
Anne Alyse Ostis, CMT,
Certified Massage Therapist

“Each time I experience a session with Carole I leave feeling peaceful, empowered and a sense of inner calm. Carole has the ability to take me to a much deeper place where healing and transformation happen through a synergistic release of energy.”
Jillian Sehorn client 3 yrs

“I consider Carole Lenzini one of the most gifted bodyworkers I know. Her work is both emotionally clearing and deeply relaxing. Her work heals both the emotional and physical body. I refer clients to her on a regular basis and suggest that they see her for at least 6 sessions. Her work enhances my work and supports my clients’ growth and development. Her touch is gentle, yet deep. I highly recommend her.”
Ruth Ghio, MFT

“I am very pleased to recommend Carole Lenzini to you. She is very skilled, intuitive and gifted. Her resonant touch work has been immensely helpful to me. She is also a wonderful professional resource should you want to refer patients who could be helped with mind-body integration through this type of bodywork.”
Candence Little, MFT

"I have been doing Rosen Method massage with Carole for over two years. Her skill, compassion and knowledge have helped me to become a better person, gain deep personal growth and insight, and learn to be still. If you are interested in becoming your best, becoming at peace with yourself and life, Carole will help you facilitate your journey."
Ed Thomas, Retired financial executive

"Carole provides a safe, loving place where my hurting and frightened clients can receive comfort and work deep enough to provide them with the opportunity to experience their buried feelings and unknown holding in their bodies. She makes it safe for them to learn how they've protected themselves through their bodies, safe for them to release feelings, and safe to begin softening their armoring and allowing their authentic needs to begin emerging. They come back to me with much greater connection with themselves, which makes psychotherapy easier and more effective with them."
Yashi Johnson, PhD, MFT